Date: December 8th 2010 (Wed)

Time: 23:00-29:00 (December 9th 5:00am)

Place: SHIBUYA THE GAME Address: 4-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0042 Tosen Udagawa Building 2F Phone:03-5456-5038


admission:¥2000(¥600 additional charge for drinks)

DJ:Miwaku No Kunio♂




※It is an informal event for fan exchange.



An event for 2PM fans from all over the world coming to the platinum showcase LIVE "2PM 1st Contact in JAPAN,"

2PM ★ night is happening in "SHIBUYA,

the place where 2PM wishes to visit"!

We will rock you ALL NIGHT with treasured,

fan-collected videos and R&BxPOP MUSIC,

the roots of 2PM and JYP,along with the songs by 2PM.


2PM COPY DANCERS will be performing also!!

Let's practice the choreography and dance together♪



Come and get a FREE Glow Stick (you will receive the color of the 2PM member you're supporting for the showcase!)








and find other fans with the same color! ...


first come first served, so don't miss it! Korean,

English Staff will be there for you to help☆




As for the person who wants to come from foreign countries and to participate in the event, please give mail to



<Must read>

※ As 2PM ★ night is a ALL NIGHT event, we are only accepting the entry of those who are 20 years and older, with a valid photo ID (ex. Driver's License, Passport, School ID and employee ID (with birth year) ). Thank you for your cooperation.

※ We regret that we cannot allow your re-entry, or bringing in your own beverages.

※ There will be no appeara nce of 2PM.



Produced and Hosted by: nijiiro, a 2PM fan club dedicated for 2PM Japan debut